ToyBox International

ToyBox International is a charitable trust dedicated to supporting Australia’s special needs children.

Creditable and responsible, it is audited annually, has one of the lowest cost bases of any Australian charity and provides an efficient, reliable, transparent method of gifting to children’s charities.

ToyBox was created with the premise of becoming the “go to” charity for The Luxury Goods and Services Industry, targeting manufacturers, retailers, service providers and their customers alike.

ToyBox works as an umbrella charity, providing a medium to accept general donations and work with partners to create revenue opportunities such as the one provided by Box Magazine. This revenue is directed to any number of children’s charities to enable specific grants to be filled. ToyBox will only provide money to fill specific grants. No cash is handed over without knowing where it will be spent.


ToyBox Mission

To light up the faces of Australia’s sick and underprivileged children.

ToyBox Vision

To create Australia’s most successful fundraising organisation aimed at raising funds for children in need via a partnership with a “world class” communication platform that engages the Australian community.